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We Can Help You Navigate Bail Bond Process

All you need to do is fill out the required information. Please download, fill out the forms completely and send them back via fax to Bill Bail Bonds 305-305-2173

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There are usually a number of bail bond forms that one must fill out to post a jail bond for another person. In most cases, persons posting jail bonds use a bondsman, who will have all of the appropriate bail bond forms on hand and can walk you through the process. Once completed, the bondsman will submit the bail bond forms to the appropriate party at the jail or holding facility for processing.

The bail bond forms will typically ask you to identify yourself and the person for whom the bail bond is being issued, and will require your contact information at home and work. Bail bond forms explain the legal obligation that a bail bond involves on the part of the person paying for the bond and will require that the party posting the bond sign in acknowledgment of those responsibilities.

Especially in the case of a high bail price, reviewing bail bond forms with an attorney may help you to better understand the terms of the bond and to make the proper legal decisions. The bail bond forms are available online, or you may call us : 305.305.2173 or 305.804.1550  and request that the bail bond forms be sent to you or your attorney via fax or email.


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Quick Bail Instructions

 Call me and I'll do everything for you.
 Be sure about which jail he or she is in.
 Is it a county, city or federal facility?
 What is the booking number?
 What is the charge?
 Have the person's full legal name.
 Try to determine the date of birth, if possible.
 The arresting agency.